Eva Cenderos in Blues Café //7.10.2023//
Event day 2023-10-07

Eva Cenderos in Blues Café //7.10.2023//
7.10.2023 from 19:00.
Blues Café Kutná Hora, Jakubská Street, enter: 350, -CZK
Eva Ce Cenderos is a versatile artist, actress and singer of Czech origin .KTera chose sweet France as her home. As an actress she worked with directors Pascale Ferran, Olivier Mégaton or Audray Dana. He works for French Radio - France Culture.
She writes music and lyrics for her songs. He accompanies his singing by playing a guitar. Her music is full of tenderness, sensitivity and Slavic melancholy. In poetic texts, it is playful from Czech to French and English.