Event day 2017-09-30

30/09/2017 from 20 hours.
Blues Café >> www.blues-caffe.cz

Michael Fridrik - piano
Timo Brunnbauer - resophonic guitar, vocal
Markus Schonka - drums

The band is one of the best blues groups in neighboring Austria.
Michal Fridrik has been playing piano since his early childhood, for 15 years he has been on the Austrian music scene and is one of the most talented boogie and blues pianists not only at home but throughout Europe.
Drummer Max Schonka has been playing Austrian club clubs for more than 20 years, from 1997 to 2009 he worked in the well-known Juke Joint Blues Band. He had played in the past
with excellent guitarist Timo "Blinfinger" Brunnbaur, who also plays the role of vocalist in the trio.
In this lineup he also plays mainly on the classical resophonic guitar.

The style that the trio presents is the old American music, they present it as "American Jim Bumm Music", a sort of energetically played mix of period boogie swinging, blues and a lot of early rock and roller in natural, non-academic design.
So, this music was once played in American black pubs and dance clubs, music for fun and dance!
It creates a very original "scramble" sound, where everyone finds something of this style: