Kateřina Svobodová and group Tajemoje in Blues Café
Event day 2019-04-26

Friday 26.5.2019, entry: 200, - CZK

Kateřina Svobodová is a singer, pianist, songwriter and composer together with band Tajemoy released the album "In the fog". The board is a mix of fine pop, poetic lyrics with jazz and blues elements. On the backstage, we call this musical style popsanson. In addition to his own work, the author plays personally arranged songs borrowed from Rolling Stones, Tom Waits, Stevie Wonder.


In the Blues café they play: Katka Svobodová (singing, piano), Ondřej Hlas (guitar, vocals), Matyas Paur (drums), Václav Sloup (violin).


Hudební ochutnávka >>https://youtu.be/cXzgWcecNxg