Delio - CD baptism in Blues Café
Event day 2018-08-30

Delio-CD baptism in the Blues Café
DELIOU - Jitka Malczyk (violin) & Celestine Doedens (harp)
30.8.2018 from 19 hours Entry: 200, -Kč
Violinist Jitka Malczyk and harpist Celestine Doedens have been instrumental in studying interpretation skills around the world. In the compositions
they draw on their paths and their own musical roots (Bretagne, Bohemia, Hungary). The improvisations are based on the traditional folklore of Bohemia, Moravia, Brittany, the Balkans and Scandinavia. The Deliou is emotional, full of dynamics and silence, direct and mysterious, gentle and popular, her music allows you to dream or tear you into wild dance and tells the story.