John Vaughan /USA/ & Joe Kučera /D/
Event day 2018-08-03

John Vaughan / USA / & Joe Kucera / D /
03/08/2018 from 7 pm

John Vaughan / USA /
The American guitarist, singer and composer living in Berlin belongs to a large community of American actor musicians. He was born in 1951, and at the time of his teens he began playing guitar, singing and gradually making more and more success and his own compositions under the influence of Beatles, Dylan and Donovan. In his youth he traveled extensively around the world, my world, the era of hippies, and the late 1960s he lived in London. He got to Germany in 1972, when he received the role of a Berlin graduate student in the famous rock musical of Jesus Christ Superstar, where he played the role of Simona Zaelota. He also sang this role on the German version of the album released by the prestigious company Decca. During the 1970s and 1980s he performed concerts in clubs and festivals not only in Germany but also in other European countries. He has performed mostly as a folk singer with a guitar, but sometimes also in various sets with other musicians or as a member of the Tattoo group. With a worldwide return of interest in the musical Hair gets one of the major roles. In a new Berlin degree, Claude appears. John Vauhan is one of the leading representatives of the free association in Berlin of working American musicians who are known as the HagelbergerStreet Community. In 1976 he released his first album "Somwhere In Europe", shot with the help of other musicians, including Joe Kucera. Since then, their musical collaboration dates back to many other musical projects. Already in Germany, Vaughan has returned to England and has been on the same footing with Eric Burdon, John Sebastian, Spencer davis Group and former members of The Yardbirds. In 2000 he made great success and returned to the German scene and began to record more albums again. In his work, memories of journeys from all over the world, alongside his travels in his youth and later times.