Paul Batto Jr. Trio in Blues Café //23.3.2024//
Event day 2024-03-24

Paul Batto Jr. Trio in Blues Café //23.3.2024//
From 19.00, input: 350, -CZK
Paul Batto Trio
Paul Batto has been a fixed star on the European scene for many years. Although it has roots in traditional genres, it defies categories, mixes influences and avoids stickers. Paul is a fertile composer, guitarist and singer who, through inner and deeply personal texts, offers listeners to look into their still restless soul. It has stories that can tell, and they come as songs of many styles and colors.
Robert Christian is a "Master Stratocaster" - characterized by its unique tasteful and soulful style. His unbelievable ability to merge at the same time and excel makes every good song immediately better. A unique guitar voice.
Ondra Kříž wizard black and white keys that has been playing since he was old enough to get to the piano for the first time. Educated in classical music and jazz. His inter -genre experience and versatile musical art make him a perfect partner for the song Trio.
Thanks to the common musical feeling, influences and tastes, the trio manages to create a wide range of moods and the sound they own.