White wine

0,75 l, Marques de Castilla Blanco, 220,- Kč

Spain. Airén, zouny, gentle wine with fruity taste of white fruits and lichi

0,15l, Marques de Castilla Blanco, 49,- Kč

0,75 l, Gito Ribot Blanc de Blancs, 250,- Kč

Nice fruity aroma with scent of green Apple and peaches

0,75 l, Vin de France Moillard Blanc, 220,- Kč

France. Decilate golden color, full trusty aroma, fresh wine

0,15l, Vin de France Moillard Blanc, 49,- Kč

0,75 l, Chardonnay Chateau d ´ Eau BIO, 320,- Kč

France. Fresh wine with butter taste with scent and taste of tropical fruits. Eco wine

0,75 l, Bourgogne Blanc Domaine Mechelot, 490,- Kč

France. Chardonnay from the area of Mercault, from 35 years old vineyyards. The wine matured for 10 monts in oak barrels. Distinctive scent and elegant long taste of citrus fruits.

0,75 l, Chablis 1er Cru „Beauroy“, 790,- Kč

France. Chardonnay with flower scent and fruit aroma. Acid is well included in the body of the wine, nice taste of minerale.